Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Legal stuff giving me a headache...

Well I spent almost the entire day yesterday on the internet looking through Lexis Nexis trying to find  information and what not.  Lexis Nexis is a place where anyone can go to look up Colorado Court Statutes.  If you don't know what you are looking for it's a big headache.  If you do know what you're looking for it's also a big headache.  You have to be able to read and understand legalese.   I found info, not sure if it's the right info, and read so much other stuff that the letters were crawling around like little ants on the page at the end of the night.
Why did I do this, I'm sure you are asking.  It has to do with my son's trust fund.  The Judge in all his wisdom decided to take me off as conservator and appoint a lawyer.  I will not say what I feel about him and her because my mamma said if you don't have something nice to say about someone just don't say anything.  I don't have anything nice to say.  I was taken off as conservator because I failed to return receipts in a a timely manner and because I didn't respond to a notice that was supposedly sent to me to come to court to explain why I didn't file the receipts.  The completely funny part about this whole thing is this isn't the first time I've failed to file receipts.  The very first time we petitioned for money I forgot to send in the receipts.  No one said a word about that.
The reason I had to do all this is because our car broke down, transmission went out, and my husband needs it to get back and forth from work.  That's another post entirely, right now I won't even say what was discussed about someone driving around thinking he was Mario Andretti and how that could have messed up the transmission of the car.
I hear the question now...why can't he take a bus.  Well he would take a bus except there are no buses that run to where he works.  He works at a Wendy's that is connected to a Conoco gas station that is either before DIA or after DIA depending on which way you are going.  He can take a bus to DIA with no problem.  There are no shuttles or buses that go to where he works.  He would have to walk a long distance to get to work.
I've also learned that renting a car isn't as easy as the commercials make it seem.  You either need a major credit card or full coverage insurance.  They are also expensive.  Taxi's cost even more.
All in all I learned a lot, if you ever need to know about Colorado Statues however, please don't ask me to find them.  I already have enough mental problems. :)
I have to look again today for more info because no one seems to be able to help me.  My household makes too much money to qualify for low income legal assistance.  Funny...I live below poverty level and we make too much money.  Let's not get me started on our current President!
I hope no one has to ever go through something like this ever.  It's hard, frustrating, and you hit a lot of brick walls.  I need a bulldozer...

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