Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to make a candle out of an orange peel

I saw this video while wandering around on the internet.  It looked really cool, so I'm sharing it with you.  How to make a candle out of an orange peel  Enjoy :)

Amazon Associates

Amazon has a program that you can do to earn money advertising things.  I didn't get to join it because, now pay close attention, I LIVE IN COLORADO.  I couldn't figure out why Colorado wasn't in the drop down menu when I went to pick a state. I sent them an email asking:
  Other Questions & Comments
  Jacqueline Smith
  I don't have an account yet but when I tried to fill out the application my state is missing from the drop down menu.  I live in Colorado, is there a reason Colorado isn't listed?

This is the response I got:
Because you're located in Colorado, we're unable to accept your application to join the Associates Program because of unconstitutional legislation enacted in your state. While we oppose this unconstitutional state legislation, we strongly support the federal Marketplace Fairness Act now pending before Congress, which would create a simplified, constitutional framework to resolve interstate sales tax issues and would allow us to re-open our Associates program to Colorado residents. 

We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem? 

If yes, please click here: 

If no, please click here:

Best regards,
Jonathan Associates Program

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What kind of crap is that?  I have nothing to do with the legislation here in Colorado.  They make their own rules just like every other government.  They didn't even list the legislation they are against.  I think this is totally unfair.  I am going to post this and hope it goes viral so maybe they see how many people like their decision.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mini Relaxation Exercises

Mini Relaxation Exercises
Mini relaxation exercises are focused breathing techniques that help reduce anxiety and tension immediately.  Your breath is with you at every moment in time.  You can do a mini with your eyes open or closed.  You can do a mini at any place, at any time, and no one will know you are doing it.

1.      Count very slowly to yourself from 10 down to 0, one number on each out breath.  Thus, breathe in, and on your first out breath, say 10 to yourself.  With the next out breath say 9, working your way down to 9.  When you get to 0 notice how you feel.
2.      As you breathe in count slowly up to 4, as you breathe out count slowly back down to 1.  Thus, as you breathe in you say quietly to yourself 4, 3, 2, 1, and breathe out.  Do this several times.
3.      This is counting the space between the in breath and the out breath.  Thus, after each in breath, pause and count 1, 2, 3; after each out breath, pause again and count 1, 2, 3.  Do this several times.
4.      Thch Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist uses this as his favorite mini.  On the in breath you think, “I am”, and on the out breath you think, “at peace”.  Repeat this several times.  This is also an excellent mini to use while walking.
5.      Square breathing.  Visualize a square.  On the in breath, visualize a vertical line and then a horizontal line, part of the square.  On the out breath you visualize another vertical line and horizontal line, completing the square.

Good times to do a mini:
While stuck in traffic, when on hold during a phone call, while waiting in your doctors’ office, when someone says something that bothers you, in the dentists’ chair, when you feel overwhelmed by all you need to do, while standing in a line, when in pain, in the night when you can’t sleep, etc., etc.

The only time Mini’s don’t work is when you don’t do them.

Retinal Hemorrhage HORRIBLE bus ride Five Finger Death Punch HSP's

I have a retinal hemorrhage in my left eye.  Looks like one of those spots that you see after you see a camera flash or bright light.  It just popped up all of a sudden Saturday night.  They don't know how it happened but said since I have high blood pressure that could cause it.  I have been extremely stressed by the broken down car situation and the lawyer so maybe my blood pressure got too high and I blew a gasket.  Who knows certainly not me.  It is annoying because it is hard to see out of my left eye and the right eye is trying to compensate and it's giving me a headache.  I probably shouldn't even be writing this but I had to at least get part of it down before I forget stuff.

As you know my car is broken down and I can't use it.  I had to go to the Emergency Room yesterday after calling the Medicaid Nurse Hotline by bus and my mobility scooter.  If riding the bus with my scooter and husband is the only choice I have because I need to go to the Doctor, I'm gonna die cuz I'm not going!  It was the worst thing I've had to endure ever.  They don't give you room to turn the scooter around so you end up like Austin Powers in his movie where he's trying to turn around the cart he's riding on and keeps hitting the wall.  Thank God for my husband being there, he picked it up and turned it around for me.  Then on the way back home I got stuck in muddy wet grass.  The bus stop by the Anschutz Pavillion now has a bad spot in their grass because I was spinning my wheels.  I was talking to my son at the time I got stuck and he thought this was hilarious and was laughing so hard I thought he was going to cry.  I got home in one piece physically but I will be scarred mentally for the rest of my life.  To someone like me, a highly sensitive person, (yes we are out there go check out this link: The Highly Sensitive Person) the trip was a sensory nightmare.  

I have come up with a new theme song for people that annoy me and make me want to hurt them, here's the link: My the bird of Paradise fly up your nose.  That's the only thing I could think of besides some songs by Five Finger Death Punch but those are a little rough for most people.  I personally think the song Over and Under It by them works perfectly but that's just my opinion and God probably won't like the lyrics.  Here's the link in case you wanna go there: Under and Over It.  I found another song that fits better with how I feel about the lawyer.  Meet the Monster.  My son let me listen to Five Finger Death Punch and now I'm kinda hooked.

I know I'm Christian but this is the real world people.  Sometimes things have to be said they way they are because there isn't any other way to say them and make someone understand what you mean.   Yesterday I was told that I and my sons resort to threats of violence.  Well maybe we do, but we try to do it the nice way, talking, trying to come to some kind of compromise, asking politely for someone not to hurt you anymore.  Unfortunately this doesn't always work.  The old adage "You kill more flies with honey than you do with vinegar" just doesn't apply when people refuse to acknowledge what you said and respect you and do what you asked.  If me telling you I'm going to punch you in the face if you do fill in the blank          after many, many, many, and did I say many, repeated attempts to get someone to stop doing something with being nice to them, and the only thing that makes them stop is a threat of violence, then maybe I should start with threats of violence and end with nice.  I don't know people, got any thoughts on this subject?