Monday, August 4, 2014

Do we complicate things too much?

Ok so I'm sound asleep the other day and I get woken up by my youngest son yelling like a banshee.  I rub my eyes, sit up in bed and realize I'm not gonna get to go back to sleep because he is still yelling like a banshee.  I get his attention and ask him to please tone the banshee down to an old tired banshee that doesn't feel good and wants to go to bed.  My son tells me it's the fault of one of his friends that plays the game online with him.  So I tell my son to tell his friend to tone the banshee down to an old tired banshee that doesn't feel good and wants to go to bed.  My son tells his friend, "My Mom said to shutup."  Simple, direct, to the point.  Why I didn't say that I have no idea other than I was trying to be nice and not sound mean by saying shutup.  What I asked myself after this is, do we complicate things too much?  Do we say too many words when one would be enough?  Do we try to make our prayers full of words that sound good to other people?  Do we fill our head with too much stuff when just a little would be enough?  I know that there are times and places and situations in our lives that require complication.  Are we complicating things that don't?  I don't know.  I know I overthink things which don't need to be analyzed so much.  Are we being mean if we just say shutup?  So not to complicate this post that's all I'm gonna say.  Let me know what you think.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Of late I have been exposed to what I call extreme prejudice against a particular breed of dog.  Pit Bulls to be exact.  The people that were involved in this experience think all Pit Bulls should be banned.  They think that all Pit Bulls are aggressive and are a danger to their owners, their owners children, and all people and other animals the dog might come around in general contact.  The thing I see most prevalent is the prejudice.  Not all Pit Bulls are aggressive.  Not all Pit Bulls are dangerous.  Not all Pit Bulls pose a threat to people or other animals.  I have been a victim of prejudice of this kind.  I am a heavy set woman.  BBW is what I like to call myself, it means big, beautiful, woman.  People immediately judge me and put a label on me because I am fat.  All fat people can lose weight if they want to, they're just lazy.  All fat people eat too much.  All fat people can't have a job because they might break the furniture by sitting on it.  All fat people don't make the office look good because you can't have a fat female receptionist.  So on and so on and so on.  You think of it, I've been called it because I'm fat.  I have such a pretty face, it's too bad I can't lose the weight because then I would be very pretty.  I'm not worth dating because how can you have sex with a fat chick?  I am lucky to have the men that I've had in my life because no one else would want me because I'm fat.  I haven't had sex with my husband for over 5 years now because I got sicker and gained weight.  He says that isn't the case but I know it is.  Get the picture?  This has also happened to me because I look white but am half Hispanic and understand and speak Spanish that I don't always get right.  Hispanics think I'm white and don't understand Spanish and they talk about me thinking I don't understand what they are saying and become VERY surprised when I speak back to them in their language.  It is at that moment they realize I understood every word they said.  Because I don't like hot spicy food, I'm not mexican enough.  I didn't grow up in a Hispanic environment and wasn't exposed to the same things most Hispanics take for granted.  People will immediately say, "Oh I'm so sorry you had to go through this, no one should have to go through all that."  Why do you think I shouldn't have to go through that but a dog that has no voice should?  I can speak and write and tell people how I feel.  Dogs can't.  It is not fair that I have been judged by my appearance and also not fair that Pit Bulls get judged just because they are a Pit Bull.  This prejudice I'm speaking of goes to all dogs in the pit bull family including mixed breeds.  
I will agree that Pit Bulls can be aggressive and can cause a lot of harm if they decide to bite you.  Sometimes you may not see any aggression at all until it is too late.  All dogs can exhibit behavior like this.  When I was a teenager I was at a slumber party and was severely attacked by a Saint Bernard, I almost lost both of my breasts.  I still have scars and am afraid of Saint Bernards to this day.  This breed of dog is known to be gentle, a good family dog, great rescue dog.  The dog that attacked me lived in a family environment.  I found out after the attack that the dog had to have a collar with spikes on the inside of it that would jab into the dogs neck to control him.  My Dad made the owners put the dog down.  My friend wouldn't speak to me after the incident.  I don't remember how long I had to stay out of school because it hurt to wear a bra or anything more constricting than a night gown.  If I had not put my hands that had my wallet in them up to my throat when the dog attacked me, I wouldn't be writing this right now.  He went for my throat first.  So now, are all Saint Bernards bad because of this dog?  No.  Should they be banned just because they are Saint Bernards?  No.  I heartily agree the dog that attacked me should have been put down.  He wasn't safe to be around.  I have no problem with putting a dog down because everything else you have tried to do to keep it from harming people or other animals has not worked.  I have a problem with prejudice against a specific breed just because the animal is that specific breed.
Someone involved in this experience said that when you look in a Pit Bulls eyes, they look like the devil.  My question is when have they seen the devil in person?  The other thing that comes to mind is that the devil was supposed to have been the most beautiful Angel.  So to me that says Pit Bulls are beautiful if they look like the devil.  Looks, as I've shown, are not something to judge by.  
My point to all of this is that an animal should not be discriminated against just by it's breed.  Things can be done if the dog shows aggression.  Training, muzzling, crating, not having them run loose, not letting them around the things they show aggression to, the list is endless.  
If all Pit Bulls are all bad then by the same standards all men are bad.  I've been raped by men more than once.  You see stories in the papers about it all the time, the news shows it, other women besides myself have experienced it.  This is the same as what is being said about Pit Bulls.  So by those standards then all men should be banned just because they are male.  All men are rapists.  All men can't be trusted.  See the similarity?  No one will do that to a human, why do it to a dog?  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cream of mushroom soup

Friday writing what are you passionate about.  Sorry this is late, my back has been giving me problems and it’s hard to sit in the computer chair.  I saw the post that said do you love potato soup then write about potato soup.  The first thought that came to my head was I absolutely love cream of mushroom soup.  It has to be Campbell’s though.  Generic brands will not do at all.  I will eat it straight out of the can, which a lot of my friends and family think is yucchy.  I mix it with mashed potatoes and shredded cheese, just my serving because my family doesn’t like that either.  I put it on baked potatoes instead of sour cream sometimes.  I cook with it.  My dad introduced us to cream of mushroom soup when I was little and along with that came a recipe for a side dish of Minute Rice mixed with cream of mushroom soup.  Well I elaborated on that and one day when I was eating pickles, I mixed them into the rice and soup mix.  It was really good so that is now a side dish favorite.  I have to admit that because of tight finances sometimes that is our only dish and not a side dish.  Rice is cheap, the soup is cheap and so are pickles.  It works with green beans in place of the pickles but again I’m the only one that will eat that combination.  I put it on top of chicken and pork chops and cook them in the slow cooker.  By the time the chicken or pork chops are done you have to spoon them out of the slow cooker because they fall apart when you try to use a fork.  I found out just by chance that it is good on bean and cheese burritos.  Yeah I know, weird combo, I was bored of the burritos and had a can of cream of mushroom soup and it turned out to be good; again only for me at this point my family thought I was nuts.  I guess it’s a comfort food for me.  It reminds me of my dad whom I miss terribly.  He’s been dead for 25 years and it seems like just yesterday some days.  Ok off topic, I just love cream of mushroom soup.  There isn’t much more to say than that.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Animal abusers must be made accountable

I just saw a horrible picture that went with a horrible story about a poor dog that was abused so badly I cried.  Click the link below to make them accountable!!!!!

Make them accountable!